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Wilderness Tour

The Äkäskero Wilderness Tour is our classic for all dog enthusiastic guests who always wanted to stay a week in the almost untouched winter landscape of Lapland and at the same time experience the fun of sled dog driving.

In a group of maximum seven guests you will experience an exciting, informative but at the same time relaxed week with our dogs.

The first day stands under the sign of learning: you will meet your guide, your dogs, learn important things about material and equipment and after a thorough introduction you will do a first round with your own sled dog team. In the evening you can think about the experience of the day in the cozy atmosphere of our lodge. At the next day you will start into the wilderness. On our trail system through forests, over swamps, lakes and small mountains you will see new things in the behavior of the dogs again and again and at the same time improve your abilities in sled dog driving. Depending on the weather conditions and wishes of the group the daily stages are between 30 and 60km.

The accommodation during the tour will be in simple wilderness cabins without electricity or running water. There is only an outhouse as a toilet and a sauna as an alternative for a shower. The work at the cabins like care for the dogs, making wood, making fire, cooking, cleaning, etc. is carried out collectively by the group. Team spirit is required.

After the return into the lodge you will appreciate the warm shower before you will have dinner with your guide. It gives the opportunity to ask last questions or just be happy about memories and anecdotes.
The last day is a free day. It’s your choice if you like to relax in the lodge, do a snow shoe walk, a snow mobile tour or something else.

The nights in the lodge you will spend in (half) double rooms in the lodge or in one of our cozy Mökkis (cabins). These consist of a sleeping room with double bed, a living room with kitchenette, fireplace, shower/toilet and a private sauna. The rooms in the lodge are equipped with double beds or two single beds and shower/toilet. Of course, all our guests can use the log cabin sauna at the lake with a typical Finnish ice hole.


To realize a good tour with a lot of positive experiences for our guests and dogs we kindly ask you to note the following conditions:

Physical fitness: is necessary
For the Wilderness Tour physical fitness is necessary. Every guest must be able to help his dog team - also on longer passages - when there are difficult snow conditions or uphill, that means to walk next to the sled and push it. You don’t need to run marathons but a certain amount of regular sports is recommended. You always have to keep in mind that there can be extreme temperatures of less than -40°. You need to keep your body warm through intensive moving and the most effective way is to run through the deep snow.

Age limits: 16-70 years
The minimum age for the Wilderness Tour is 16 years. The participation of minors in the tours is only possible if they are accompanied by an adult taking responsibility for him and on special request. Due to safety reasons the decision if the minor can drive his own dog team is made by the guide after arrival and can be changed during tour.

Due to our experience we have learned that the physical requirements of this tour often cannot be made by guests older than 70 years. That is why we can accept bookings from guests older than 70 years only on special request.

Weight: 50-100kg
The weight of the guest is important on tours too. For guests who are too light it can be difficult to control a dog team in difficult situations. With too much weight the burden for the dogs can be too high. That is why we ask you for your understanding that bookings of guests who do not match the weight limits can only be accepted on special request and that we reserve the right to weigh guests at our place if they did not inform about their weight in advance.

Equipment: clothes sizes S-XXL, shoe sizes 37-46
To be equipped for the tour and ready also for cold temperatures we provide you with special equipment for the sled dog tour. That includes jacket, over-trousers, hat, over-gloves and winter boots. Under those clothes you should wear woolen under clothes and woolen socks, fleece pullover, ski or outdoor trousers and fleece gloves. We kindly ask you for your understanding that the manufacturers of this special equipment does not provide all sizes and so our equipment is limited to the sizes stated above. If you don’t match these sizes please contact us in advance of a booking so that we can give you tipps for the equipment needed.



We organize collective transfer from the airport Kittilä to our lodge. Your rooms/Mökkis are ready at 4:00 p.m.
You will receive your equipment and some information about the next days. Afterwards you can enjoy dinner.

After breakfast our bus will bring you to the dog camp. You will meet your guide and after the introduction you will do your first day tour with the dogs. The distance will be about 25-35km and after the return to the camp there is some lunch in the Kota. Afterwards you will drive back to the lodge for sauna and dinner.

Monday - Thursday:
On Monday you start your wilderness tour. The tour takes you through the vastness of
„Tunturilapland“ (mountainous Lapland). Here the landscape changes from large swamps and marshes, lakes and rivers to vast forests and the mountains of Western Lapland. These mountains rise to about 1000 Meters above sea level. Much of the area has now been declared a national park so that it can be preserved for future generations. The nights will be spent in „Cabins“: log cabins with gas stove and wood ovens or in heated tents (Jurte/Kota). Water has to be fetched from a nearby lake or river, maybe you have to melt snow. Collectively the group will prepare meals, feed and take care of the dogs, chop wood and heat the sauna. But there will still be plenty of time to enjoy the peace and silence of the wilderness.

The daily stages are usually between 30 to 60 kilometers long (3 to 6 hours mushing); including time for harnessing and unharnessing, you will spend up to 8 hours with the dogs. If weather conditions are difficult the distances covered may be shorter, but traveling time could be the same or even longer.

On Thursday you will reach the dog camp during the afternoon. Here you will say goodbye to the dogs and will be looking forward to a first shower and then dinner with the guide in Äkäskero. Also, your first beer after the tour will taste especially good.

Please remember to return your special equipment.

This day is a free day. The lodge will be happy to help you in the organization of activities (snow shoe walks, cross country skiing, snow mobile tours, etc).

Departure day, vacation of rooms by 10.00 a.m., collective transfer to airport Kittilä
The sequence of our activities may be changed, if necessary, depending on weather conditions.



Services Included:
5-day sled dog tour - 1 dog team with 4 dogs per participant; 4 overnight stays in the lodge in (half) double room or Mökki; 3 overnight stays in wilderness cabins; sauna; meals (breakfast, snack/lunch, main meal in the evening); meals during tour; clothing for extreme cold (jacket, over-trousers, shoes, over-gloves, hat); German and/or English speaking guide; collective transfer from/to Airport Kittilä

Transfers will be at following times (changes because of changed flight plans are reserved):
lodge to airport 8:30, 12:30, 15:00
airport to lodge 11:00, 14:00, 17:30

Not included:
drinks, optional activities on your free day, taxi fares for journeys to Äkäslompolo or Muonio or for other
airport transfers, tips.

For overnight stays in the wilderness cabins please bring a thin inner or summer sleeping bag. All cabins are equipped with warm bed clothing. However this cannot be changed after each overnight stay.

Group size:
max. 7 guests + guide

Dates and Prices

18.11.2017 – 21.04.2018

EUR 1.725,-/person
(+EUR 150,- for tours 23.12.-30.12.2017 and 30.12.2017-06.01.2018)
Mökki (only for 2 persons possible) EUR 1.950,-/person
(+EUR 150,- for tours 23.12.-30.12.2017 and 30.12.2017-06.01.2018)

Offseason discount:
10% for tours between 18.11. and 16.12. (departure date)